End Epilepsy Walk 

Pasadena Rose Bowl, California

February 2, 2019 

Team advocacy for the advancement and research of Cannabis for epilepsy and voicing the benefits of Cannabinoids. Join #TeamCannabis4Epilepsy and sponsors of leading Cannabis brands at the annual Los Angeles End Epilepsy Walk. Walking loud and proud, our energetic team of families and passionate individuals of all ages, will lead a 5K walk as the voice for Cannabis as medicine at the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA. Our impacting purple tees with our pot leaf hearts engages thought and sparks conversations to change the stigma of Cannabis. 

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The Lost Art of The Hashishin Workshop

Worcester, Massachusetts

February 14 + 15, 2019

Where science meets tradition. 

Frenchy Cannoli has traveled all over the world and has dedicate his life to preserving and refining the art of crafting traditional Hashish. 

Frenchy demonstrates the ice-water sieving method with a step-by-step total process from washing, to drying, to processing and storing. The workshop content is appropriate for both new students and seasoned professionals.

February 14th 10am-6pm: Washing demo with dried and cured biomass

February 15th 10am-6pm: Washing demo with fresh frozen

CLICK HERE for ticketing and more info on future dates world wide

Mass Hash Calabash

Worcester, Massachusetts

February 14 + 15, 2019 

Worcester, Massachusetts honors and welcomes Master Hashishin, Frenchy Cannoli! 

Hash Calabash is the official private after party following each day of his two-day highly renown workshop, "The Lost Art of The Hashishin". Meet and greet with Frenchy and celebrate the ways of the Hashishin at Mass Hash Calabash! 

A private gathering of hashishins, enthusiasts, and intriguing minds alike to celebrate the hash culture and embrace the New England community by highlighting local vendors. Enjoy some shisha, mocktails, hashish, local brands and engage with your community in an intimate setting for have an experience like no other.

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